Clothing lockers

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Clothing lockers

GO 0040 1800X300X500 1-1
GO 0041 1800X600X500 1-2
GO 0042 1800X900X500 1-3
GO 00043 1800X1200X500 1-4

Clothing lockers

Metal boxes


– Each section (door) is equipped with a shelf and clothes hanger
– Openings on doors for ventilation
– The possibility of manufacturing one-part, two-part, three-part lockers or manufacturing lockers in a row with a specific number of cabinets
– Locking with a cylinder lock with two keys
– They are manufactured from quality steel sheets and electrostatic plasticised colours according to the RAL map

– Polyester epoxy (for products intended inside the facility) applying 50 microns
– Polyester, high UV protection (for products intended for outdoor usage) applying 50 microns

– With products intended for outside usage we recommend an additional layer of zinc primer which gives the material a long-lasting protection from rust.