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We have proven experience when it comes to manufacturing all of our products. We manufacture trapezoidal metal sheets, metal sheet imitating tiles, complete metal sheet construction supplies, current, hydrant, postal and clothing lockers as well as heating boxes. All our products are distinguished by affirmed quality. The manufacturing facilities are located within a space of 3000m2 which includes a few manufacturing objects equipped with up-to-date technology and machines, which together with our experienced and qualified work force enables us to meet the demands of the market. We do business with over 300 construction and other firms all around BiH, as well as with firms from other countries. We strive for constant specialization and modernisation of our business by applying up-to-date processing and manufacturing processes of all sorts of metal sheets. Lović&Co Ltd. is a firm defined by successful growth and development.

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Who we are?

Lović & Co. is a family company established in 1976 in B. Dubica, and since 1996 the company headquarters is in Lukavac.

Our goal

We strive for continuous improvement and modernization of our business with the application of modern processing and production processes of all types of sheets.

What are we doing?

We produce trapezoidal sheets, imitation of sheet tile, complete limestone wardrobe, electric, hydrant, post and wardrobe cabinets as well as distribution cabinets for heating. You can find all the products listed on our web site as well as the printed catalog. We have proven experience in making all of our products.


  • We are proud of our customers satisfaction!
  • Years of work have left behind a satisfied business partners and associates.
  • We are proud of the recognition that we have received from our clients for expertise, commitment and willingness to help.
  • For us, every client is unique …
  • The commitment to satisfy our clients, priority!